Personal Loans


Most people these days think of loans as valuable financial tools - to help them get the things they need, when they need them, and to achieve important goals. The right loan at the right time can help you finance a car, further an education or advance your business. You can even get loans that are just for having fun on your dream vacation!

When you are shopping for a loan, it's important that you find a partner you can trust. We hope to be that partner. We offer just about any kind of loan you may be looking for. And we do our best to quickly process the loan, so you get your money fast. We take time to sit down and talk things through, so you'll be confident about getting the right financial tool for your situation. To get things started, contact a loan representative today.


Whatever your needs are, we can help out with a little extra cash. Contact a loan representative to find out more.

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Whether it's your first car, your dream car or time for a minivan, we can help with an auto loan. And we 
also have calculator resources available to help you make some decisions. For instance, is it better to lease or buy? Is the dealer teaser rate a good deal or not? Or, is a home equity loan a better idea for you? Contact us today to talk to a loan representative.

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Time for the dream vacation? Good for you! Let us help alleviate your worries about cash flow so you can take the family to Disney Land or the mother-in-law to Europe. We can make it easy for you to go enjoy yourselves. Contact us today to talk to a loan representative.


Do you feel like you have too many monthly payments or feel like you are in over your head? If you 
answered yes, it is time to talk with the State Bank of Cross Plains. Making debts easier to deal with and easier to repay is something we can help you with. Contact a loan representative today to discuss your options, and we'll set something up that you can live with.

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Are you heading off to college? The State Bank of Cross Plains has the financial tools you need to help with your future education such as student loans, free checking, free online banking, free bill pay and more.

The State Bank of Cross Plains participates in the iHELP® Education Loan Program, which is designed to meet the higher education financing needs of students and their families. The program provides private student loans designed to supplement, but not replace, scholarships, grants and other financial aid including Federal Student loans currently offered on college campuses. Click here for more information.

We invite you to stop into any one of our offices, or Contact us by email or phone, so that we can help you with the financial products you need to start your first day of school off on the right foot.

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The dreaded overdraft. Did you have an unexpected expense? Did you make a mistake in your check register? By setting up a Personal Reserve Account, a line of credit will advance to cover the overdraft rather than it being denied or having an overdraft fee charged. We know you have the money, but this protects you in case it's not in the right place at the right time.

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