Electronic Banking


For our business customer, the State Bank of Cross Plains offers many alternatives to electronically manage your account information.


The State Bank of Cross Plains offers eCorp, a suite of products for our business customers. eCorp brings all of your account information together on one easy to use website that you can access anytime day or night. Cash managers can look up detailed data regarding an accounts current and anticipated cash position, including balances, holds, presentments and transactions. You have the ability to initiate transfers between accounts, generate ACH transfers, wire transfers, loan payments and stop payments - all with the click of a mouse from your own office. Click here to learn more about eCorp.

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A good alternative to writing and receiving paper checks is Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. 
The State Bank of Cross Plains can help you set up a system to originate such transactions.

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Keep in touch with your money 24-hours a day with our easy-to-use telephone banking service, for the ultimate in banking convenience! Click here for more information on TeleBank.

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  • Wire Transfers are a safe and efficient way to transfer funds from one institution to another for credit to a customer on the institution's account.
  • Wires can be sent to any bank in the United States or Foreign country.
  • Wires sent within the U.S. are normally credited same day.
  • Wires are immediately available and are guaranteed funds.

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